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Who doesn’t love a dip in a heated pool at a gym, hotel, or health club? Pools are great year round, but sometimes it gets a little too cold to swim in outdoor, non-heated pools. If you are a lucky owner of an indoor pool, this post is for you! If you’re not (yet) the owner of an indoor pool, you may want to get one after reading this!

Perks of indoor pools:

Pool Services

  • Temperature control: The weather is less likely to affect the temperature of an indoor pool. It may be easier to monitor and maintain temperatures during weather shifts.
  • Debris: While all pools can be victims of debris, indoor pools are less likely to have plant and animal debris from neighboring areas. Debris will still happen, but it’s a much more controlled environment.
  • Year round: A lot of indoor pools are open year round, especially for gyms, health spas, and other related uses. Water aerobics, therapy pools, lap swimming, and general fun can be had in an indoor pool.
  • Sunburn: Unless you have large windows in the pool room, sunburns are much less likely while swimming in an indoor pool.


  • Cost: It can be more expensive to install an indoor pool—especially if you already have the building set up. Building the walls around the pool may be easier—depending on the type of pool.
  • Maintenance: Most indoor pools are heated much more than outdoor pools, especially in the cooler months. Cleaning and other maintenance will need to be done as often as outdoor pools.
  • Less natural light: Sunshine can heat your outdoor pool (to a degree) and it’s nice to sunbathe in the natural sun when you’re poolside outside.
  • Social: Indoor pools are more often seen as serious. Hotels with business guests wanting to swim laps aren’t going to be too happy to see a family of 5 show up with their kids wanting to splash around—but if it’s a personal pool that’s not a problem!

All pools are awesome! Both indoor and outdoor pools have their perks and downsides, much like above-ground and in-ground pools have their positive and negative aspects. No matter what type or pool or hot tub you have, Pool Daddy can help you keep it clean and in proper working condition.

All pools will require regular cleaning, pH balancing, wall and floor cleaning, vacuuming, filter cleaning, shock treatments, and other basic maintenance functions. Lucky for you, Pool Daddy in Arizona knows what needs to be done and when. Give us a call to start scheduling weekly pool services or give us a call to have us walk you through what you should be doing regularly to keep your indoor pool open year round!

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