Pool Services for Labor Day

LLast Chance for Labor Day Pool Servicesabor Day is about a week away, so if you’re planning one last pool party before Autumn hits, now’s your chance! Labor Day tends to be the last big day for cookouts, barbeques, and big outdoor celebrations before everyone starts focusing on school, work, and working towards Christmas! Let’s get those pools in tip top shape for one last shindig before winterization!

If you’ve been using our weekly pool services, your pool may already be ready for a beautiful day of swimming, partying, and tanning. If you do most of your own pool maintenance, first of all we’re impressed, and second of all, you may want to get your equipment checked by a professional to ensure everything is running as it needs to in order to keep friends, family, and neighbors safe.

Things to look out for when hosting a party:

  1. Electrical Work: From lights to pumps and filters, everything is connected to a power source. It’s important to make sure all of your electrical work is running properly for maximum safety. The last thing anyone needs is a last minute electrical problem in a pool! As we know, water and direct electrical current don’t mix!
  2. Algae: The green slime that collects on your pool walls and floor is unsightly and feels weird, but it can also be a health risk! Much like mold and other growth, it’s not safe to get into direct contact with this stuff—especially if it gets ingested! Make sure your filters and pumps are running at optimum levels to reduce the algae growth. Regular pool wall cleanings are also an important step in preventing this growth.
  3. Chemicals: A pool with off balanced levels can harbor algae growth, but it can also easily irritate the skin of your swimmers. Regular use of your pool can alter the levels due to body lotions, hair care products, sun screen, and other contaminants which can alter your pH levels. Plants and dirt getting into your pool can also affect the chemical levels. This is why we recommend weekly chlorine, pH and other chemical testing. Besides swimmer comfort, imbalanced levels can affect your equipment as well.
  4. Efficiency: Filters which need to be replaced, cleaned, or back washed may be working extra hard to do their job or it will eventually cause damage to the filter system or lead to harmful algae growth before you know it! Outdated pumps and heaters can also decrease efficiency—especially of the power efficiency kind! Keeping up to date with equipment can save money in the long run and decrease your power usage (and carbon footprint!).

Give us a call for a pool services or to schedule weekly visits between now and winterization. Before you know it, Thanksgiving will be here and you’ll be rushing to get your pool shut down for the season.

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