How to Properly Clean and maintain Your Hot Tub

As you can tell from the title of this article, we’re going to deviate, a little, to talk about hot tubs . They are just small versions of pools but were not going to argue that they provide the same use. Like pools, your hot tubs require regular care and attention. And unlike pools, they’re easily cleaned and with cost-effective means. Your hot tub requires a far smaller amount of water to be thoroughly cleaned, lesser cleaning agents and a fake a shorter to fill with water. Although you can afford to hold off the cleaning of your pool for a little while (sorely not recommended), you can’t procrastinate with your tub. Why? Because, grime on tubs are easily noticeable and it’s not something anybody wants to see, even you. So we bring you this article to advise you on the proper ways and methods to clean your hot tub .

Hot tub

Hot tub

Proper Cleaning Methods

Minimal cleaning

Baking soda can be used on the surface area when the issue is minor. This shouldn’t be used for the entire tub, and not for mold or mildew.

Whole Cleaning

Using a non-abrasive cleaner and a soft scrubbing tool (nylon, for example) to remove grime is very effective and will not damage the unit. Various cleaners can be used for this.

Hot Tub Components

Vinyl Cover

Rinse the cover with a hose before applying a soap solution (small amount of dishwashing detergent to water), baking soda, or store-bought cleaner in circular motions with a sponge. Avoid using soap for the bottom of the cover. Thoroughly rinse all of the dirt and soap off of the cover before replacing. You can also buy products to protect and seal the covers to prevent some build up.

Hot Tub Filters

Roughly once a month it is useful to remove and clean your spa filter cartridges. You can spray them with a hose to remove most debris from the filter pleats. There are many filter cleaner products on the market you can try as well to keep them working at their best capacity. Some filters need to be changed every 3 years, as cleaning them will only do so much. Ask your filter provider or pool technician for advice on when to change your filters (3 years is common).

Replacing the Water

Soap from cleaning, your body, and other contaminants can make your hot tub water look dingy and feel off. Replacing it is a good way to keep your tub clean and filters working optimally since they can’t filter out everything. Follow the instructions given to you by the tub provider and consider water regulations in your area.

pH levels

As with pools, there are concerns about the pH levels of your tub especially if left unused for an extended period of time. Any time your spa is unattended for some time, check the pH levels before entering the tub. Levels too high or low can cause damage to the tub or users.

As you have probably surmised at this point, tubs have a number of similar qualities and components and as such need just as much care and attention. You can’t afford to do your washing tub cleaning and maintenance haphazardly. Apply these proper methods and watch you tub live a long happy life serving you!

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