Inasmuch as you’re having amazing fun with your pools, jacuzzi, and hot tub , you can’t afford to push safety concerns to the side. Especially when you have children around and/or own pets. How can you keep your pools, jacuzzi, and hot tub safe so that you only have fun with them and they don’t become a reason to call 911? We wrote about how you can go about it here.

1. Children

Pool party

Children at the pool

If a kid sees a pool in your back yard and they can get to it, they may try to check it out or jump in (despite the weather or if you’ve got a cover on it). Small children may not listen to warnings and directions from you and other adults, so keeping doors that lead to the pool closed and locked can prevent children from messing with the pool and equipment. Explain to older children (especially those who can work locks) that the pool is off limits. If the pool is open and you’re allowing swimmers, make sure basic pool safety is followed and adults are present any time children are near the water.

2. Pets

If there are pets at your party (from house guests or your own personal pets), keeping the doors closed and locked should prevent any pet-related problems. However, if outside activities are going on, pets can run out easily in the commotion of the plethora of guests. Keep pets away from doors that lead to the pool.

3. Pool covers

Pool safety covers in Arizona

Pool safety covers in Arizona

Not all pool covers can hold the weight of a small child or pet, let alone that of a full grown adult. If you do not have a hardcover or a cover which can safely hold the weight of a person, take extra precaution to keep people, kids, and animals from stumbling into danger.

About your Jacuzzi or Hot Tub

If you’re keeping your hot tub or Jacuzzi open for your guests, be sure they understand how the tub works, or that they are observing general safety rules (capacity, proper attire, and safety around any slick areas covered in water). Hot tubs are a great way to unwind with a few people after a heavy meal and an even better way to relax after preparing all of the food and setting up decorations or chasing kids around.

  1. Be careful who is allowed in the tub, as small children and animals can get hurt easily.
  2. If your hot tub is in an area where people will be passing by regularly and you are not wanting anyone to mess with it or get in it, ensure the cover is secure and, when possible, apply some locking mechanism.
  3. Try to prevent people from leaning on or climbing on the tub (empty or full, cover on or off). The last thing anyone needs is a broken cover or a hurt guest.

After your parties, have us inspect and clean your pool or hot tub, or call us if you suspect anything is unsafe about your pool covers or anything related to your hot tub or Jacuzzi.