It is Summer already! The heat is here. Instead of being holed up indoors with the AC cranked up trying to survive global warming, you can have some fun splashing in the cool water of your pool. What’s even better, you can invite friends and family over and make a party out of it. You won’t run out of fun ideas since we’ve put together this list for you on the fun things you can do with your pool this summer. Here are a few ways to use your pool to entertain this summer.

1. Play Pool Games

There are a lot of games that were invented just for you to have fun in the pool. From beach ball race, ping pong madness, maco polo, etc. You can find endless games to choose from, learn how it is played and make your summer much more delightful in your pool.

2. Pastel bathing suits

Snatch up a few summer-themed bathing suits with floral print, pastel colors, or even bright pinks and greens.

3. Get some new pool party toys

Bring in some pool rafts, floaties, and tubes in fun patterns and colors to match the brilliance of the summer months.

4. Grill

Sure, you can have a ham dinner like everyone else, or you can spice things up and cook a ham in a fire pit or grill by the pool. Or forget the ham and go for hamburgers with bacon!

5. Entertain the family with the pool party instead of taking trips

What better way to relax with family than swimming, playing pool party games, and relaxing near a body of water? Don’t worry about having to entertain every member of the family the whole time they’re visiting, the pool party can do that for you!

6. Bonus

Hot tubs and spas are a great way to unwind after a very hot day. You need to relax your bones and get your muscles nice and unknotted before going to bed at night.

Summer Fun 2019!Pool Party

Before you officially open up your pool party summer, make sure your pool is healthy for all the fun you are going to be having. It may also be beneficial to stock up on pool chemicals, replace filters if they’re starting to go, replace your pool lights, work on the aesthetics around the pool, and more. Spruce up everything to have the best summer ever—by starting early!

In beautiful and sunny Arizona it’s almost never too early in the year to bring out the bathing suits and sunscreen! So let’s open those pools, hot tubs, Jacuzzis, and more! In ground or above ground pools and tubs are no problem for Pool Daddy !

We’ll help you get your pool in tip-top shape before your next big pool party. After all, you wanted a pool party so you could have fun with it, right? So why worry about maintaining it by yourself, hire the professionals and we’ll have your pool party-ready in no time!

Call today if you’re planning to throw a pool party. Or to schedule specific services or begin weekly pool cleaning and maintenance services.