If you are the proud owner of a pool , and you are using a sand pool filter , this article is for you.

With time there are some problems you will encounter with your pool filter , but you can easily solve some of them if you know what to do. In this post, we will tell you some simple things you could do to solve the problems. But if it is beyond you, do well to step back and call a professional.

Common Causes of Sand Pool Filter Problems

  1. Water leaking out of the backwash line

This means that the spoke gasket in the multiport valve is displaced. Misusing the filter or negative pressure applied to the filter head are common causes of this problem. How can you solve this? You can try to reset the gasket or install a new one.  Gluing the gasket can help it from being displaced later.

  1. Dirt coming back into the pool

If your filter is sending debris back into your pool, the sand may be old. Old sands are not so effective in trapping particles and should be replaced. Also, the backwash valve may be faulty, or the laterals are broken. Sometimes, the sand against the inside walls of the filter tank could become mixed with dirt and create channels along the inside wall of the tank through which water and debris pass.

  1. Broken multiport handle

After a long time of use, it’s normal for the multiport valve handle to get weak and break off.

  1. Leaky filter tank

If you filter body is cracked or broken, you definitely have to replace it. But not all leaky filter tank problems are caused by a cracked filter body. It could be leaking at the bulkhead fittings (the fittings the backwash valve attaches to). Your tank may also be leaking at the center where the two halves come together. Then your tank has to be taken apart and serviced.

  1. High filter pressure

On a sand filter , the sand bed could become clogged with dirt and oils over time. This will reduce the effective filter area. The solution for this is to replace the sand with fresh sand. This is what causes your filter pressure to remain high.

  1. Wrong size pool filter sand or type

If your pool filter sand is the wrong type or size, its filtering efficiency will be less than optimal. It may let in too much debris or block flow completely. Either way, the best solution is to get the right sand type and replace the current one.

Pool Filter Troubleshooting Tips for Regular Maintenance

  1. Water circulation checking: Frequent check your water circulation to ensure no leakages or problems have occurred in places you can easily observe.
  2. Shock your pool. Also known as super chlorinating, it involves adding 3-5 times the amount of chemical sanitizer to keep your pool clean and sanitary.
  3. Regularly brush the sides of the pool and skim the surface of the water. This is to avoid clogging the filters too early with debris.
  4. Clean your filter at least once a month.
  5. If your water is getting cloudy, replace your filter media first. Filter media is usually the cause of the problem.
  6. Pay close attention to algae that could clog your filter. Clean regularly to prevent the growth of algae.
  7. Don’t forget to backwash your sand or DE filter regularly.
  8. Don’t forget to add more DE back into your DE filter after every backwash.
  9. Regularly check the valve gasket inside your multiport valve for leaks.
  10. Regularly check the manifolds inside sand and DE filters for damage.
  11. If your heater isn’t working, check your filter basket.